How do I lease land from CDLM?
For those interested in leasing land, you should:
  • Click on Available Leases
  • Review the Leasing Information to familiarize yourself with the leasing process, the hunting lease program and CDLM’s expectations of lessees
  • When leases are available, search for leases in your area of interest.
  • Tracts available for lease will be displayed, complete with maps. You may visit properties to evaluate them. If interested in a property, submit an application/bid online.
  • Successful applicants will be notified and will be given a Lease Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). They will then use this to access their account online where they will submit a list of members. The membership list must be kept current.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my lease?
Every club has a designated Club Contact, who is the primary link of communication between CDLM and your club. The Club Contact is generally the club president or another officer. Direct your questions first through the Club Contact. If this is not successful, you may contact CDLM through the Contact Us feature on this website.

FAQ When does CDLM lease land?
Generally, leases become available approximately July 1st of each year, but leases occasionally become available throughout the year. Tracts of land will be designated as either to be leased on a first come, first serve basis or to be leased on a sealed bid basis. Maps of tracts available for lease will be posted on this internet web site and can be viewed on-line or printed for viewing. Applications must be made on-line and sent to CDLM via the web site.

How soon will I be notified after I submit an application/bid?
You will be notified of bid results as soon as your application has been reviewed.

Can I lease just part of a CDLM ownership?
Available tracts of land will be advertised for lease showing the smallest allowable parcelization of land into different leases.

Can a person apply for more than one tract?
You may apply for a lease on up to three tracts.

What about subleasing?
Subleasing, commercial hunting, or selling of hunting rights is not allowed. Subleasing will result in cancellation of the lease. Development of hunting clubs is encouraged to accommodate multiple hunters or groups and is not the same as subleasing.

For bid tracts, are leases awarded solely to the highest bidder?
No. CDLM takes into consideration the residency status of the applicant (adjoining landowner, local, non-local, etc) and other information provided by the applicant when awarding hunting leases.

How is the lease price determined?
The minimum bid price (or lease price for non-bid tracts) is based on such things as local markets, presence of all-weather roads, habitat diversity, presence of creeks/water, etc.

Will the lease price change?
Lease prices will be reviewed every year to ensure CDLM’s prices remain competitive with the market. Approximate changes in hunting lease rates will be posted on this web site each year by the first part of February.

Where can we plant food plots?
CDLM allows clubs to establish food plots on their lease. Your Club Contact should be the one person in your club to discuss food plot allowances with the CDLM forester managing the tract of land you lease. On most tracts, logging decks are left for food plot establishment. Other good places are along power line and pipe line right-of-ways, and abandoned fire breaks. Road edges may be planted only with advance permission of the CDLM forester managing the land you lease. You may discuss additional food plot provisions with your CDLM forester.

Are we allowed to post our lease?
Yes, lease tracts may be posted. Only signs, or in the case of both WV and VA, language, approved by CDLM may be used. Only aluminum nails may be used to secure posted signs to trees.

What kinds of deer stands can be used?
Ladder stands, lock-on stands, climbing stands, tripod or tower stands may be used. No nails or other objects may be driven into any tree for any reason.

How long does the lease last?
The standard length of lease is one year. If a lease starts part way into the normal lease year, the initial lease will generally be for the remainder of that lease year.

Is the lease renewable?
Leaseholders in good standing are usually offered the option to release the property.

Will CDLM harvest timber during the hunting seasons?
It is extremely likely that CDLM will be harvesting timber or conducting other forest management activities (site preparation, tree planting, spraying) during hunting seasons. Potential leaseholders should be aware these activities can affect their ability to hunt the property, especially on smaller tracts, during certain times of the year and should consider this when determining whether to lease from CDLM.

Does our hunting group need liability insurance if we lease land from MWV?
Club members and guests enter CDLM property at their own risk and shall hold CDLM harmless from any and all claims. CDLM will furnish a liability insurance policy that covers both CDLM and the lessee. The cost of the policy is included in the lease fee.

Are ATVs allowed on our lease?
Lessees may use their ATVs for accessing parts of their lease. Abusive ATV driving which damages roads or timber plantations will not be tolerated.

Can we cut shooting lanes?
Lessees are allowed to remove hardwood brush from pine plantations to establish shooting lanes. Removal of hardwood trees from stands of hardwood trees is not permitted. No commercial trees can be cut to establish shooting lanes. If you are in doubt as to whether the plants in question are commercial trees or brush, do not cut.

Is camping allowed on our lease?
Camping is allowed. Refer to the specific lease provisions in your lease contract to determine camping allowances.

Can I build a a permanent structure on our lease?
No permanent structures are allowed without previous written permission of the lease manager. Temporary structures (tents and campers are considered temporary, mobile homes are considered permanent) may be placed on the lease.