The Leasing Process

In general, each spring existing CDLM customers in good standing have the option to renew their lease. Approximately July 1st, CDLM offers available lands for lease to the general public. Leases may either be offered on a first come/first serve basis or on a bid basis.

Tracts which are available for lease will be offered on this website. A tract map, directions to the tract, and a general tract description will be provided. Interested parties may review the information and may visit the tract.

For tracts which are advertised on a first come/first serve basis, interested customers should contact the listed CDLM representative as soon as possible to secure a lease on the tract. The CDLM representative will inform you what action is necessary to secure the lease.

For tracts which are to be leased on a bid basis, you must complete a bid application on-line. You may bid on multiple tracts of land. Bid results will be communicated to all applicants following the bid closing date. Successful applicants will be provided additional information on how to complete the lease transaction. Please note that successful applicants must be prepared to provide payment for the lease within 3 days of notification or the lease will be offered to another party.

Liability insurance costs are included in the lease price. However, the lease price does not include ancillary costs such as fees for locks, posted signs, or administrative fees, if applicable.

Upon execution of the lease contract, the Club Contact will be provided additional information which allows club members to access the Hunt Club Members section of the website and allows the Club Contact to access the My Lease Account Section of the website.